Video Services

Video Services

Video Services


Our studio handles every aspect of making your video. We have a full production studio, and all the tools to turn your video into a professional production, including duplication and transfer services. We are fully licensed and insured. We will customize our services to meet your specific needs, such as:

Post Production

High-quality post-production turns original footage into a finished product. Video Services Un-Limited has a complete editing facility. After recording your corporate video or special event, our editors will make sure you have received a finished product that exceeds your expectations and needs. We are known for our creativity, and we place great importance on delivering top-quality productions to our clients.

Duplication and Transfers

VHS and DVD - Do you need additional copies made? We have the capability of duplicating large quantities of fully printed products. We can also transfer different formats, including PAL, NTSC, and SECAM video. We can also transfer film footage for our clients.

Royalty-Free Graphics and Music Libraries

Copyright law is serious. Video Services Un-Limited maintains an extensive library of royalty-free and properly licensed computer graphics and music. This means that our videos are never in violation of copyright or other intellectual property laws.

Graphic Design

We can handle all aspects of your video production, from opening titles to graphic design. We have a graphic artist available for all video and print projects, who makes sure that all our videos are professional in every aspect and of the best quality. We maintain a full graphics library, so that we can respond to almost any graphics request our clients make.

Green Screen Studio

Our green screen studio gives you ultimate control over your video. Do you want to create a special look or feel for your video? Do you want to set your video in a specific place, but can’t get “on location”? We can create the look and feel you want. Our full green-screen studio is a great way to efficiently create professional-quality videos.

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