Funerals and Memorial Services


Funerals and memorial services are solemn but meaningful days in a family’s story. Friends and family come together to share stories about the loved one who has passed on. When we videotape the funeral, we record the messages and the love shown to the deceased, keeping their memory alive long after the day is gone.


We can also create a video montage that will be shown at the funeral or memorial service. Do you have videos or photographs from your loved one’s life? Video Services Un-Limited can combine these into a beautiful memory that looks back, giving people a chance to remember the deceased as they knew them. When a person’s story is complete, it becomes all the more important to tell it completely, so that their memory may live on among future generations. Contact us to learn more about the assistance Video Services Un-Limited can provide for your funeral or memorial service.

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In Memory of Frances Monteleone

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